Saturday, July 18, 2009

League Re-Draft Representatives Thread

It seems like the Fantasy Draft idea has some traction. Here's a list of the people who have signed up so far (eventually we'll have links for their blogs but for now let's just be lazy). If you feel like we've forgotten you, let us know in the comments. Also, if you have any feedback there's a running thread here.

Anaheim - Crash the Crease

Atlanta - Blueland Chronicle

Boston - Hockey Blog Adventure

Buffalo - Vance (right?)

Calgary - Kent from Five Hole Fanatics/ Matchsticks & Gasoline

Carolina - Life and Times of a Caniac

Chicago - All Hawks (Clare)

Colorado - Jibblescribbits

Columbus - Brennan

Dallas - Defending Big D

Detroit - Joe (right?)

Edmonton - Strange Deadfellows

Florida - Litter Box Cats

Los Angeles - Rudy Kelly

Minnesota - Chris Kontos

Montreal - JC

Nashville - Section 303

New Jersey Devils - In Lou We Trust

New York Rangers - Scotty Hockey

Phoenix - Five for Howling

Philadelphia - Paul Hinrichsen

Pittsburgh - Pensburgh

San Jose - Fear the Fin's Mr. Plank

St. Louis - Laura from Wazzupwitchu/St. Louis Game time

Tampa Bay - Cassie and/or Raw Charge

Toronto - eyebleaf/Sports and the City

Vancouver - Vancity Canuck

Washington - Storming the Crease

Did we leave anyone out?


Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

I'll play... either StL or Atlanta - whichever you guys need.

jamestobrien said...

Do you have a preference between ATL or STL?

CrashTheCrease said...

Crash The Crease will take the Anaheim Ducks - anything needed for email -

Joe said...

Yeah, that's right

Let's get a draft order so we can start thinking ahead!!!

Unknown said...

I'm completely in. Mark me down as SJ, or if someone took them already, whatever you need.

- Plank

Brennan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brennan said...

Since my Wings have already been claimed, I'll try to save hockey in the desert and take the Coyotes.


jamestobrien said...

Heh, Brennan, Five for Howling claimed it while I was away from my computer. There are, however, still some teams left so don't feel like you cannot be involved anyway.

Chris Kontos said...

Damnit! I was out of town for the weekend and come back to this! Since the Kings are spoken for, I will gladly fill in on another team if there is one available.

jamestobrien said...

@ Chris: I think we might be able to find something for you.

Brennan said...

Hmmm, perhaps I can snag the tradition-laden Columbus Blue Jackets?