Friday, July 24, 2009

Since this probably won't happen again

Ballhype is a nice promotional site and all, but we have to admit we found this ranking a bit ... shocking (click to enlarge):

Their ranking system is based on outbound links, so it makes sense that our contribution-oriented blog would be grossly inflated in their ranking system. Still, we thought this was shocking enough to share with you since it probably isn't something that will last very long.

The draft? Yeah, it's been kind of a big deal. Sheesh.

We cannot thank everyone who's contributed enough, as well as every blog kind enough to link to us. Please support and follow each re-draft GM's blogs, as well as the ones in our massive sidebar and the ones we carelessly forget to link.

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We cannot thank you enough. Seriously.

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Joe said...

see, i knew i should've just taken this idea myself!

grats dude, CLS is growing!