Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Florida Panthers two-pack

Photo featuring one of the sluttier members of the Booth clan

Making up for lost time, Litter Box Cats selects these two players on behalf of the Florida Panthers:

1. David Booth

Cap Hit:

2. Steve Mason

Cap Hit: $900,000

(For the record, I'd like to take 90 to 100 percent credit for the Mason pick. Damn me and my hasty e-mails. The Booth pick was all Whale4Ever, though.)


Joe said...

God dammit

If I could edit your posts, I'd stick in a picture of agent Seeley Booth, and then I'd use it as an excuse to put up a picture of Temperance Brennan.

David Booth is a surprising pick though.

Kent W. said...

first round for Booth? I like the player...but wow.