Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Re-drafting the League: Revealing picks 16-20!

So far, we've revealed the first half of the draft order for the CLS Re-drafting the League project. The first 15 is littered with a bunch of smaller markets and non-marquee teams that no one (read: the MSM) really cares about.

#1) Calgary Flames (Kent from Five Hole Fanatics/Matchsticks & Gasoline)
#2) Vancouver Canucks (Vancity Canuck)
#3) Tampa Bay Lightning (Cassie and/or Raw Charge)
#4) Dallas Stars (Defending Big D)
#5) Chicago Blackhawks (All Hawks - Clare)
#6) New York Islanders either Dominik or Chris Kontos
#7) Philadelphia Flyers (Paul Hinrichsen)
#8) Edmonton Oilers (Strange Deadfellows)
#9) Nashville Predators (Section 303)
#10) Atlanta Thrashers (Blueland Chronicle)
#11) St. Louis Blues (Laura of Wazzupwitchu/SLGT)
#12) Phoenix Coyotes (Five For Howling)
#13) Pittsburgh Penguins (Pensburgh)
#14) Washington Capitals (Storming the Crease)
#15) Columbus Blue Jackets Brennan

Fortunately, this evening's update gets to some really big important teams, plus Carolina and Minnesota. Gotta keep NBC happy, right?

#16) Detroit Red Wings (Sacrifice the Body)
#17) Los Angeles Kings (Rudy Kelly)
#18) Minnesota Wild Kontos or mystery guest?
#19) Carolina Hurricanes (Life and Times of a Caniac)
#20) New York Rangers (Scotty Hockey)

Tomorrow morning, we'll reveal picks 21-25, and then we'll cap off the evening with picks 26-30!


Vance said...


Meaghan said...

Just browsing through these posts, I couldn't help but notice that my beloved Ottawa Senators haven't got a spot in the picking order yet. Just bad luck, I thought, until I noticed that they weren't on your master list of teams. Do they not exist in this NHL? How sad! :(

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

I'm just going to assume I'm picking last.

Justin Crowder said...


Might be the only time in our lifetime that the Leafs pick in the last spot...

Jibblescribbits said...

No Avs... for shame

(Is this done fantasy style where 30 gets 2 picks in a row)

CrashTheCrease said...

Still no Ducks...

Scotty Hockey said...

At least we come in the top 20 ... and of course, NHL.com said that the best-ever No. 20 pick was Fatso Mmmmaaarrrtttyyy. Dammit.

jamestobrien said...

@ Jibblescribbits:

#30 Gets "sandwich" picks aka two picks in a row.

Joe actually proposed that the draft order go:

1-30, then 30-1 then 30-1 again. The jury's still out on that one. What do you say, folks?


We're currently looking for a Sens rep, actually.

Jibblescribbits said...

Well considering it's looking like I'm going to be between 20-30 I think that's a great idea.

But in all seriousness I like it. People who get shafted out of guys like Ovechkin, Crsoby etc should get a little more compensation than drafting 1st in the second round. It doesn't quite make up for it.