Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday's picks

Pictured: Marc Andre Fleury

Marc Andre Fleury goes to Rudy Kelly/LA Kings

Cap Hit: $5,000,000


Duncan Keith goes to Joe/Detroit

Cap Hit: $1,475,000 (Damn you, Joe)


Jason Spezza goes to Brenn/CBJ

Cap Hit: $7,000,000


Jay Bouwmeester goes to Rob/Washington

Cap Hit: $6,680,000 (Librarians really aren't coming cheap these days, are they?)


Devin Setoguchi goes to Frank D/Pittsburgh

Cap Hit: $1,246,667 (Nice!)


Joe said...


Setoguchi was supposed to make it a little farther. I'm not sure I would've taken him in Round 3, but I definitely would've grabbed in Round 4 if he was there. Good pick, Pensburgh.

Duncan Keith and Jarome Iginla are gonna crack some skulls, let me tell you. Per the post from my site: "Your team might be flashier than mine, but my team will knock you on your ass."

Great pic of MAF, I can't believe that guy has a Cup ring. :-(

Anonymous said...

Great fun and good teeth.

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