Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meet the Artist

Starting tomorrow, CLS will begin a series that features the earliest/fondest/original hockey memories from some of our favorite hockey bloggers. Expect these great stories each Wednesday, ideally through the regular season.

Like we did with Earl Sleek for our Hockey Orphan feature, we decided to ask one of our favorite hockey artists to create the logo. We've had Gray and the Couch Tarts gang contribute quite a few posts already, but if you aren't familiar make sure to check out their great San Jose Sharks blog.

Gray's artwork caught our eyes from the beginning, but particularly during the playoffs.

After seeing great logos for each playoff series we must admit that we became smitten. We're not art majors by any stretch, but we smile every time we see these adorable, expressive pieces of art.

Make sure to check out Gray's Web site, where you can place custom orders or purchase one of her striking pieces.

We cannot thank Gray, the Couch Tarts and our contributors enough. Thanks everyone!

Coming Wednesday: The great Wrap Around Curl shares her memories.

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