Monday, July 20, 2009

A proposal for the Re-drafting the League draft order

Something I just thought of, that I remember was brought up in my fantasy football league once upon a time...

For the draft order, I think we've all agreed on doing a serpentine draft. Basically, 1-30 will pick, then 30-1, then repeat. The thing that is occasionally disputed on this is that realistically, the very top tier of talented players in the NHL does not fill up that first round, so people picking in the very first picks will get far better players out of the deal than someone picking at the end of the round. After that first tier or so, the differences in players start getting a lot smaller, so the difference between pick #31 and pick #60 (who also picked #1) is going to be much smaller than the difference between picks #1 and pick #30. In the end, basically the first few picks get a bit of an advantage based on their draft position, especially in such a big draft.

The idea that I've heard is to snake it, but alternate the snake every two rounds. So basically, we would have #1-#30, then #30 (pick 31) through #1 (pick 60). Now that we've completed two rounds, we flip it, so now we go #30 (pick 61) through #1 (pick 90), and then #1 (pick 91) through #30 (pick 120).

I think that option is a little more fair to the teams at the extremes of the draft order. Basically, it looks like this:

1st round: #1 -> #30
2nd round: #30 -> #1
3rd round: #30 -> #1
4th round: #1-> #30

Speak up in the comments and let us know what you think!


jamestobrien said...

Hmmm, interesting idea. Perhaps if that doesn't work we could give the lower teams more cap space??

Joe said...

Hey, I really think its a good idea.

I'm gonna repost it at the message board.

jamestobrien said...

Feel free to do that, Joe.

Actually, everyone should feel free to re-post stuff on the message board. Some comments might get lost on the main blog.