Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Instant Analysis: Handing out a couple Free Agent Awards

It's early in the free agent period, but enough moves were made to hand out a few awards. More analysis (maybe even awards) coming tonight if anything else interesting happens ...

The Brad Richards Trophy
Handed out to a solid-to-very-good player whose bloated contract will surely limit his team's future movements, if not paralyze them

Goes to: Marian Hossa, now of Chicago, who signed a 12-year, 62.8 million contract

What a strange odyssey Hossa has taken. He's bounced all around the place after being traded from Ottawa to Atlanta. In three seasons he's gone from Pittsburgh to Detroit (who, we all know, beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs) and now to Chicago (Detroit's division rival and WCF opponent).

As odd a journey as Marian's taken, the Blackhawks are putting themselves on a road to destruction. Three months ago, I doubted they could re-sign RFAs-to-be Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Duncan Keith. Now, it's not totally crazy to ask: might they lose TWO of those players? Or all of their depth?

A mind numbing decision by Chicago.

The Jeff Finger Memorial
A trophy given out to a player who signs a contract that not only dwarfs his insignificant skill set, but does so comically.

Given to: Jaroslav "Sissy" Spacek

Spacek's better than Finger, but the fact that he's receiving more money per year than Nikolai Khabibulin provides the requisite humor.

The Mike Milbury Cup
Awarded to the executive who does the most to improve opposing teams by making jaw droppingly foolish trades and free agent signings

Given to: Bob Gainey

Much like Nicklas Lidstrom's vice grip on the Norris trophy, it seemed like Glen Sather could not be denied yet another Milbury Cup. But Gainey's efforts did not go overlooked as his trade for Scott Gomez pushed the Montreal GM's phone number up the speed dial list of many GMs looking to get rid of dead wood.

More possibly coming soon ...


Joe said...

Got CHI lolnalysis up on the Hossa deal as it pertains to the inability of the Blackhawks to compete in future years. I was almost mad at first when the Blackhawks got Hossa, but then I started laughing about it. Meh.

jamestobrien said...

LOLnalysis? I love it.