Friday, July 3, 2009

Looking Back: Maybe sex sells TOO well

Now that free agency is cooling down from frenzy to yawnfest, CLS can tone down its pace from double-bass thrash metal to a nice breezy summer jam. Believe it or not, we'll still be pretty productive and prolific here (expect a weekly summer schedule post in a day or two) so make sure to keep checking us out whether you do the RSS thing or bookmarks or what have you.

One thing we'll do for sure is a weekly "Looking Back" feature to wax nostalgically about some of the more memorable (or oddly hidden) moments in the history of this goofy little blog.

We thought we'd start with the one that continues to boggle our collective minds, an early piece about free agency titled "The Busts and the Busty." Click on the embarrassingly huge boobs to read it:

There are a few things that stand out about this post.

For one thing, the hysterical thought that Joe Sakic was briefly a fantasy hockey "steal" and Ryan Getzlaf (the balding bedrock of our fantasy hockey team) was briefly a "bust."

Naturally, it's obvious that people keep coming back for reasons that go beyond snarky fantasy hockey observations. Namely, the heaving breasts. Take a look at the most "popular" posts at CLS since mid-March, according to Google Analytics:

Click to enlarge

To give you an idea of the "company" that this throwaway fantasy hockey post is in:

1. Glen Sather bashing post, one of the most inspired pieces we've written for CLS.

2. The semi-embarrassing boob post we're talking about today.

3. The MS Paint post, which features a stunning rendering of the once-in-a-lifetime meeting between Gary Coleman and Mark Messier.

4. A Salary Cap study of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

5. Where should the Sedins cycle in 2009-10?

6. The Red Wings = the Los Angeles Lakers.

7. Found in Translation, Chris Kontos' absolutely brilliant pilgrimage into the world of Japanese hockey.


So, to summarize that list, the boobs post beat: the greatest post in CLS history (Found in Translation), a fun parallel post between two of the most popular sports franchises in America and a handful of our most popular posts.

This makes us want to vomit.

Oh well, we're sure there's some kind of message here. Right? Tell us.

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Joe said...

Obviously, what the readers want is more boobs! And those are certainly a fantastic pair right there.