Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Anaheim Calling talks about the one ex-Duck they don't want to see in Detroit, Anaheim free agency in general

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1. Which player, for the love of God, do you NOT want to see in your team's sweater in the 09-10 season?


The player I'd hate to see in my sweater has to be Jeremy Roenick. I've disliked him since he insulted the Ducks organization during the 1997 Playoff series between the Ducks and Coyotes (which we won). How does it feel not having your name on the Cup, Roenick? You're entirely too cocky for a guy who's never won a championship, and I'd never want you on a team that I root for.



Dear Murph,

This offseason, please don't sign anyone born before November 10, 1970. I realize that you're an old Blackhawk and Chelios is an old Blackhawk and Roenick is an old Blackhawk, and you occasionally want to walk into the locker room and reminisce about that one time that Darren Pang puked on Steve Larmer's skates. I realize how attractive that is for you. I also realize that there's some kind of Blackhawks AARP underground, and Doug Wilson probably just called you to remind you it's your turn. To that, all I can say is TSST!

What's that? Bill Guerin? TSST! His birthday's on the 9th. Saku Koivu? Good Murph. Good boy. Now, I can show you affection and stop being do-minant.

2. Conversely, pick a potential move by another team that would just crush your soul/favorite team's chances.


If you've never seen a conniption, come and find me when Francois Beauchemin signs with another team. The man can turn a playoff series around, whether it's by throwing the big hits, scoring a goal, tricking Iginla into thinking he's right-handed or breaking Tomas Kopecky's face.

It kills our chances if he signs with Dallas. That team already has our number, and they'd be adding a guy interested in reminding us, game after game, why it's important to negotiate with your injured players.


The free agent signing that would crush my soul is easy: Pahlsson to Detroit. If Arthur and I were blogging during the 2006-07 season, I can guarantee we would have done a post called: "The Top 10 Reasons Pahlsson Deserves The Selke." I like Pahlsson, and I've always thought he was underrated, both as a defensive player and a scorer. Conversely, I hate Detroit. I mean, I HATE Detroit. They've ended the Ducks' Playoff run on 3 occasions, and I feel that, despite everything that gets said about Anaheim and L.A., Detroit is the closest thing we have to a true rival. Losing a player like Pahlsson, who is in my eyes the quintessential Duck, to our rival in Detroit would cause me physical anguish comparable to crucifixion.

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Joe said...

Hah! I wish the Wings had room to sign ANYONE, to say nothing of signing Pahlsson. I think you'll be ok on that one. Now maybe a Pacific rival could get Pahlsson....