Friday, February 13, 2009

Big week for CLS; an even bigger one next week

A lot's happened this week at Cycle like the Sedins. There's a new, more generic but easier to read layout. There have also been enough posts this week that stuff from Monday isn't even on the front page (pretty sure that's a first). And next week will be even bigger as the All-Decade Team wraps up with some sure-to-be-interesting guest posts.

This week's posts (most interesting ones in bold)

Osgood: no HOF'er
Clare from All Hawks Hockey on the Chicago Blackhawks (Hockey Orphan)
This post could have been 100 percent better
Non-essential post about a clever business card
Vote for the All-Decade Team, dam-nit!
Jack Falla is a beast
About Cycle like the Sedins
Chastizing those who didn't watch Boston vs. San Jose (it worked -- highest rated Versus game so far this season!)
Some Penguins thoughts

And, for the hell of it, the stuff I wrote for Battle of California:

Los Angeles Kings and the Western Conference playoff bubble
My absurd professional wrestling and hockey post

Oh, and if you want to follow my work only at BoC (for some weird reason) or want an easy way to look at all my articles to point out how many times I lean on Sean Avery jokes, click here.

Finally, scoot over to Greatest Hockey Legends for Joe Pelletier's nation-by-nation (at least the relevant ones) look at next year's Canadian Olympics. Good stuff.

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jamestobrien said...

Maybe not all season for Boston-SJ: