Friday, February 13, 2009

Does this mean we won't have to hear any more 'Osgood should be in the HOF' arguments?

The chances of linking this Puck Daddy post were already high with a nice "Big Lebowski" reference but the Osgood as swiss cheese card reminded me of a point I wanted to make. Not a revolutionary point, but nonetheless:

As the Detroit Red Wings dominated the hockey world last year, the Chris Osgood is a Hall of Famer arguments made some kind of impact on the blog-consciousness. Out of the respect to those bloggers and because of my weak memory combined with sudden google-adverse-ness let's just paraphrase their arguments: "Osgood won three Stanley Cups. Look at all those wins! (becomes distracted when someone pulls out their shiny key chain)"

Here's a pretty easy way to weed out potential HOF candidates: if the guy perpetually loses his starting goaltender job, he's not a Hall of Famer. If Brodeur is a Fraud, then Osgood is the luckiest goalie on the face of the earth. Please, please PLEASE stop hurting your credibility with such an inane discussion.

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jamestobrien said...

Brodeur is a Fraud also disagreed with the surprising Osgood-for-HOF argument. He listed two links but only one is still available online:

And here's BiaF's take: