Tuesday, February 10, 2009

About Cycle like the Sedins

It's always more fun to learn the details of a blog in an imagined FAQ format:

Q: When was Cycle like the Sedins founded and by whom?

Cycle like the Sedins began in September 2008 (although, it truly started in October). It was founded by me, James O'Brien.

Q: What's the point of Cycle like the Sedins?

The original plan was to run an NHL blog with frequent roundtable discussions (get it, cycling?) with a mixture of experienced bloggers, a fabulous newcomer with a woman's perspective (ugh, I feel like a local news anchor with that last phrase) and the viewpoints of a snarky hockey newbie.

Unfortunately, that panel was filled with people who were/are very busy, so the "cycling" part hasn't really come true yet. Perhaps with time and increased readership, that idea will become a reality. (Send me an e-mail if you'd like to become a contributor)

At the same time, each panelist helped out and are still welcome to put in guest posts whenever they'd like. And features including "Hockey Orphan" and hopefully more in the future will encourage the participation from people across the blog-iverse. Ultimately, this blog is intended to be a fun, weird NHL blog that celebrates the fun, weird hockey blogosphere.

Q: Who made the logo?

That would be my pal Abel Prado. He'll tell you what time it is.

Q: What happened to Bertuzzdays?

Writing those Bertuzzday entries were great fun, but doing it every (Ber)Tuesday proved difficult. I'd like to start that back up once we get contributors who are creative and generally more intelligent than I am. Need some help with that one.

Q: Why do you hate brevity and love parentheses asides so much?

Whoa, easy there Smokey Bear. No reason to get fresh.

Q: Which blogs do you read regularly?

Lately, it's been possible for me to follow more blogs than usual. Deadspin, Puck Daddy, Kulka's Korner, From the Rink, Pensblog and Puck the Media are surefire daily visits. There's a million other great ones: love keeping up with the boys at Battle of California, Melt Your Face-off can go toe-to-toe with the Onion, NHlolz is indeed of "LOLcats" quality and there's nothing but great stuff on all the blogs on the sidebar. Don't forget Joe Pelletier's Greatest Hockey Legends blog, either. Pelletier's a bank vault of hockey history information.

It seems impossible to overrate hockey blogs. This section could go on forever: Barry Melrose Rocks, Bangin' Panger, Japer's Rink, Art in ... seriously, there's a ton.

Always looking for great hockey blogs.

Q: How do you cope with your smoldering lack of originality and depressing irrelevance?

OK, now you're just being a dick.

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