Friday, February 20, 2009

Stay tuned! (plus the week in review)

As recently as last month, things would really taper off during the weekend. That no longer seems to be the trend thanks to Sleek last weekend and what's coming up.

At the very least, the blog will feature the choices of Eric McErlain (one of the most well-respected, influential members of the hockey blogosphere) as well as my own (one of the people who will eventually be considered influenza* to the hockey blogosphere).

In fact, CLS is in negotiations^ with a few other prominent hockey bloggers to submit their All-Decade Team picks as well. Sure, the process is taking a while ... but it's not like you get to name the players of the decade very often, right?

ANYWAY, here's this week's highlights:

Snarky relections on the Montreal scandal
Chris Kontos gives his All-Decade picks
Joe Pelletier shares his All-Decade team
Two posts on the rise of goaltender duos
All-Decade Center: Pro-Thornton take by Couch Tarts
Jibblescribbits: Sakic for all decade C (check the comments for a jaw dropping beating Doug Gilmour received from Burnaby Joe)
Morning cycle: on NBC's poor game choice, Therrien firing, Russians on the Caps and a question regarding the Blackhawks' place in the Western Conference
Sleek's take on the Pronger vs. Niedermayer debate

Make sure you check out those guest posts.

Oh, one more thing:

CLS now features three more posts in 2009 than 2008 (59 counting this one versus 56 last year). The site *really* started in October, so it's not as huge of a jump as it might seem. Still, this year's already a lot more productive. Hopefully the blog remains that way.

* - Like what I did there? Ho ho.

^ - This means sending a couple e-mails

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