Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rolling out the welcome mat

Considering the fact that the All-Decade Team was featured on Puck Daddy yesterday, it's probably safe to say that there are more people "new" to Cycle like the Sedins than usual.

Since we're an accommodating bunch, here's a quick roadmap of CLtS.

The Special Sections found in the sidebar on the right should be very helpful.

Included is:

An "About" section that features a self-depricating imaginary FAQ

A listing of every All-Decade Team post (keep in mind, Greg Wyshynski's picks are one of many great contributions)

The complete "Bertuzzday" series that is currently in hiatus. Highly recommended, though, since the series lampoons some of the lowest moments in NHL history.

Also included are all the site's guest posts, the still-in-progress Hockey Orphan feature and some other good stuff.

If you want to inquire about contributing to the blog, my e-mail address is:

Any questions, concerns about the blog?

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