Thursday, October 9, 2008

Work in Progress

The blog is up and running. From my end, I'll be posting at least once a day (unless the satanic demons at Time Warner Cable fuck up my interwebs).

I'll also be tinkering here and there to make the premise of the site (having various contributors "cycle the figurative puck" on different issues) a little bit more obvious. Along the way, feel free to e-mail me if you'd like me to link your blog. Naturally I'd like you to do the same if that's the case.


Also, e-mail me if you're intrigued about hockey orphan. This thing really is my baby - I'm even resisting a leaving a baby in a basket at a doorstep pun as we speak.


Anyway, my goal's to give people a reason to come back a few times a day. There's already a few things planned once things get rolling*:
  • A "News Cycle" that I'll be updating several times per week to take the temperature of the hockey blogosphere. E-mail me if you fine folks find anything the world needs to see. Other contributors, if you're struggling with when to write ... don't. This is definitely the "Wild West" stage of CLS so have at it.
But if there's anything I'd love a hand with it would be posting noteworthy blog entries and news events of the day/week.

Keep in mind that the aim of this site is not to cover every bit of news, but the News Cycle should be fun/an agonizing chore. Let's hope for the former.
  • Once a week, I'd like to profile a must-see/interesting/bizarre blog. I'll start off with the obvious juggernauts but soon enough will expand to blogs I've probably never heard of before the feature. So, again, e-mailing is smart with this. Naturally, hockey related is good but I'm never against the broadening of my horizons (just stay away from my anus).
  • Not going to tell you what my Tuesday special is, but it is both awesome, slightly insulting and puntastic. (Prado, if you spill the beans I'll kick you off the blog. That's right, Jack!)
  • Also planning another weekly/bi-weekly/whenever she can write it column from my pal Deirdre. Perhaps obscurely mentioning her on a hockey blog will grab her attention?
So, again, for anything that fits on this list or whatever else, please e-mail me at

*This is my clever way of being non-committal.

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