Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby Steps

Ahhh how refreshing! It's nice to actually have some games to talk about.

The Red Wings raised their championship banner last night and it's not a huge surprise that they were a bit lethargic in this one. But it IS a surprise that the Red Wings lost (and deserved to lose) to hockey's ultimate punching bag, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

It's natural for fans to overreact to the first game of 82. Still, for a group of players with very little in the way of elite talent (really, the closest they have is Tomas Kaberle and maybe Vesa Toskala), it must be nice to beat such an amazing opponent.

While I didn't get to watch the whole game, it must be said that the Maple Leafs looked like the much hungrier team. Ron Wilson seems to thrive in these against all odds scenarios and at least get his teams to work hard for him (especially if his team isn't full of fantastic players like in San Jose).

Lidstrom wouldn't even have to leave the city to find good advice on stylish face protection

Can't help but wonder if the Wings would be better off with a Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Holmstrom line, just like the old days. Franzen - Hossa would still be pretty damn good, but whatev.

Also, Nicklas Lidstrom looked hilarious with his broken nose fix. Gotta hand it to hockey players for playing with injuries that would stop most athletes from suiting up.

Could we see Lidstrom in a Rip Hamilton-inspired schnoze mask? Please, oh please?

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