Thursday, October 9, 2008

It has begun

Could it be ... (Miroslav) Satan?

The REAL regular season is on its way in about 3.5 hours and despite the high bloodbath probability of a Toronto - Detroit match, you better believe I'm pumped up.

Once I actually order NHL Center Ice (if Time Warner Cable provides it), my plan is to have a "game of the day" or two. This will designate what game is the juiciest.

As Sleek notes, the first Battle of California is today between the Pacific division's Mercedes franchises when Anaheim visits San Jose. The runner up is Calgary at Vancouver, which should be a great Canadian/NW division blood feud.

One other odd note: the week that Hockey Orphan premieres is also National Orphan Week according to my hotmail SPAM. Well, I'll be damned. An odd coincidence like this reminds me of BoC commenter brokeyard's link regarding coincidences that would make the Church Lady say, "Well, isn't that conveeeeninent?"

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