Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where the rubber meets the road...

This post serves for several functions. First and foremost to show my pal James some level of commitment to this little endeavor and second to introduce myself to the few, the proud and the crazy: hockey blog readers.

My name is Deirdre. I'm a lifelong hockey fan, born in the glorious blue collar city Pittsburgh. My hockey obsession was fueled by my sweet father who bleeds gold and black (Penguins, Steelers and for the love of god the Pirates). The man obviously wanted a son and thus spent the next several years grooming me into a little sports buddy. Being a kiddo from the 'Burgh, my overall world view was colored by a few things:

1. Mario Lemieux is a saint and should only be spoken of with reverence and dignity.

2. Wayne Gretzky ain't that great.

3. The Jean Claude Van Damme film "Sudden Death" is the greatest movie on record because it features the Pens.

4. Pirogis are delicious and suitable for all occasions.

5. If it ain't Heinz Ketchup, throw it out.

Of course now, we love Crosby, Malkin and Staal. But I maintain my favorite Pen squad was the one that included Kasper, Straka, Kovi, Jagr and Lang. Sigh, I could reminisce for hours.

So this is just a short rambling introduction. I will try and do a weekly post on Sunday nights. Of course, I think there will also be some point/counterpoint posts with James that will be brutal and insanely entertaining all in one. I understand that I have to uphold the female perspective in this all and will do my best to not be accused of being a damn puckbunny.

--Dre :)

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Cycle like the Sedins now feels complete. This is exciting.