Monday, April 20, 2009


  • So, it's official: I'll be in California for a full week (this Wednesday to next Wednesday). Questions remain: how many games can I end up going to? What should I do when I'm not watching hockey?
Either way, there might be times when I don't have the chance to write for the blog. Thankfully, we've got some of the mini-blogs teeming with life. Cornelius put together a nice preview today for Boston-Montreal, Rudy's been following the Pittsburgh-Philly series closely, with Sha Sha from Vancity we now have a Blues and a Canucks perspective at the VAN-STL blog and Ashley wrote her debut post (as an official contributor) for the Canes-Devils blog.

Just a lot of great stuff going on and we might even have the venerable Chris Kontos returning (if he hasn't decided to live in Japan, that is) in the next week(s). So stay tuned.

  • A Philly fan guest-posted at Bangin Panger, submitting a thought provoking post asking why hockey fans consider themselves part of a team when they win ("we kicked ass") but then suddenly distance themselves when the going gets tough ("they really sucked ass").

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AmyB said...

Poop. Wish I was in Cali instead of trying to squeeze finals in between hockey games. Or vice versa. Whatever. Go San Jose. Don't choke again plz? Kthx