Thursday, April 16, 2009

Five Questions: Detroit vs. Columbus

Everyone, welcome Joe, our Columbus-Detroit blog editor. You might know him as "IAMJoe," a frequent and quality commenter at Battle of California and Mirtle's From the Rink. He wrote a 5 Questions post from the Red Wings perspective. Here's a slice of it:
"Detroit has a rich history, but part of that history over the last several years is walking a goalie out in front of a firing squad, when his defense may be more to blame for a playoff loss than he is. This was the case with Curtis Joseph in 2003, and with Manny Legace in 2006. Both goalies may not have played their absolute best (though CuJo did better than Legace, I think), but the problem was more to do with the Wings complete inability to score goals, combined with allowing opponents to own the front of their own net."
If his posts and comments are any indication, running the mini-blog might bring Joe into the vortex of full-on hockey blogging. It's a disease, Joe, but it's one that might end up being as fun as anything you've ever done. Well, almost anything.

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