Thursday, April 16, 2009

Five questions: Boston vs. Montreal

To kick off our satellite blogs in style, we enlisted some of our favorite team bloggers to answer five questions about their teams (and the series ahead).

For the Boston Bruins, we "outsourced" to our OG contributor Stanley Cup of Chowder. Here's an excerpt of his post:

"Bashing Manny Fernandez has become Boston’s new favorite pastime. It seems like years ago that I wrote “The New England Hockey scene hasn’t seen a goaltending tandem like this since Bob and Walt Tenor” in my Cycle Like the Sedins Hockey Orphan post. Chances are that Manny will not see any ice time in this series unless god forbid Thomas gets hurt (knock on wood). If Fernandez does play, he could easily be the goat.

This is Boston, so anyone is eligible to be the goat. The slightest miscue could label you as a goat for the rest of your life. Just ask Bill Buckner or Glen Wesley."

You can read the full post on our Boston-Montreal satellite site.

As for the Montreal Canadiens, we asked Four Habs Fans to offer another contribution and they didn't disappoint:

2. What would need to happen for the Bruins to win?
The sun to come up

Here's a link to the full offering from Four Habs Fans.

More series previews to come ...

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