Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to steal a series or Gary Bettman is ruining his trousers right now

Martin Brodeur might be thinking that life is a fraud after tonight.

It seemed like Brian Rolston's crazy slap shot goal was going to allow the Eastern Conference to fall in 1-2-3-4 order until Tim Gleason's sprawling play kept the puck in the zone for the Hurricanes, which allowed Joni Pitkanen to set up Jussi Jokinen (of all fucking people) for a stunning game tying goal.

Then, out of nowhere, Eric Staal scored the series clinching goal with a little more than 30 seconds left in the game. Just a stunning series of events that ended an incredible (and odd) season for the New Jersey Devils.

With that, Gary Bettman's devil horns are probably ejaculating at the thought of a Ovechkin-Crosby clash (yes, we know Malkin exists but we know how this series will be marketed). The Capitals-Penguins series surely will bring out a trolling onslaught like we've never seen before.

Get your helmets, kids. Shit's about to get real.


Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

The fuck just happened out in Newark? Unreal.

jamestobrien said...

One of the craziest things I've seen in a while. Not counting the Internet.


AmyB said...

Poor Devils fans. What an awful way to go out. And the Rangers? I don't think Rags fans had many delusions about this team, but they stayed in the game (for the most part) despite the ridiculously low number of shots. Whatever. Pity Party over.
Can't wait for Saturday.