Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For those fools who'd like to hear my voice

Click above for the Puck Cast with the (kick ass) guys at Hockeenight. Hopefully, my posting of that will not stop you from checking out their blog and their past Puck Casts (featuring friend de la blog Earl Sleek among others). If the above embedded file doesn't work, try downloading/streaming the mp3 version (you can find that in the past Puck Casts link above).

Thankfully, the guys were nice enough to tolerate my egotistical asides about pro wrestling and my green-ness when it came to talking over them and interrupting their superior thoughts. The real highlights are when we talk about Big Van Vader's man boobs, a shockingly ill-conceived Chicago Blackhawks promotional night and some other weird stuff.

It's recommended to listen to the whole thing because it really picked up in the middle and end.

Surprisingly, I didn't hate my voice that much although I think I have a mild lisp. Feel free to discuss/openly mock me in the comments. Hopefully you'll find it as entertaining as it was fun to do. Thanks, forklift and CT! Perhaps we'll do this thing again sometime soon.


Forklift said...

Thanks again for coming on. We had a blast.

jamestobrien said...

Same here. It was a great time.