Friday, March 27, 2009

One Prediction that did, indeed, make me look stupid

For reference, here's the original post: "Predictions that will make me look stupid."

Here's what I wrote in October 2008:
  • "The Ottawa Senators will win the Northeast Division. It's amazing how quickly people can sour on a team that boasts Dany Heatley, Daniel Alfredsson and Jason Spezza.
Sure, there was a time when the Senators had more than just that superstar line. But let's not forget that the Montreal Canadiens - for all their class and entertainment value - are depending on an extremely green goalie and Alex Kovalev, one of the flightiest star players in the game.

Honestly, would the Canadiens need a second to trade anyone on their roster for Spezza or Heatley? This year's Ottawa team will not spur the Globe and Mail to compare them to Gretzky's Oilers, but they might just have enough juice to slip past an overrated (if not lovable) Montreal team."

Yeeeeeah. Apparently, it's not amazing that people soured on the Ottawa Senators. People were smart to doubt the Sens, who went on a massive nose dive and only qualified for last year's playoffs because of a great start.

Apparently, the team I was looking for was the Boston Bruins, not the Senators. My instinct that the Canadiens were overrated - counting on a sophomore goalie, an indifferent Russian and a group of overachievers - ended up being pretty keen.

But instead of being a dark horse team, the Ottawa Senators ended up being dead meat. Bah!


Earl Sleek said...

It's stunning how far the Sens have fallen -- it wasn't that long ago that I was scared silly by that team in the cup finals.

I could see where you'd make that call, at least. As for me, I generally shy away from predictions, but I did talk up the Pacific Division quite a bit -- that doesn't look so hot now.

jamestobrien said...

Yeah, there's a few more predictions in there that I'll do a short write up or two on. Some (Pavol Demitra will not play 82 games) are not quite bold enough for a full post, right or wrong.