Friday, March 6, 2009

In the rear view; on the horizon

What a week. Like a lot of bloggers, it seems like we are still sort of recovering from the trade deadline. And we would argue that we stood shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the big boys when it came to our trade deadline coverage.

Let's take a step back and look at some of the people who contributed:

  • "The Forechecker" one of the hockey blogosphere's most popular number crunchers.
  • The always entertaining Chief from Abel to Yzerman.
  • Another great contributor from Kuklas Korner, Bethany's Hockey Rants.
  • We had three posts from the impressively growing Atlanta Thrashers blogosphere and four entries from Pittsburgh Penguins bloggers.
  • The Pacific division post was covered completely by my homies at SBN, including my BoC mates Earl Sleek and Rudy Kelly.
  • There were two great posts from the guys at Bangin' Panger.
Really, it was an amazing experience as the hockey blogosphere keeps confirming itself as a wonderful community bursting with talent. We were able to cover every NHL team except: the Edmonton Oilers.

We never would have guessed that Oilers blogosphere would be the only side we didn't hear from. Is Cycle like the Sedins too goofy and rough around the edges for the highfalutin Edmonton bloggers? Did our e-mails just get banished to Junk Mail Damnation? Did the Oil bloggers see our e-mails, roll their eyes and do the "jacking off" hand motion? Perhaps we'll never know.

(That being said, no hard feelings. The door is wide open for Oilblogospherebloggers in the future. We're just kind of surprised that the Oilers were the only team not covered.)

There might be one more trade deadline post comparing the predictions/"if they were the GM" posts to what actually happened, but don't quote us on that.

Right before our massive trade deadline special, we announced the final All-Decade team roster.

We're going to take one more spin-o-rama around the All-Decade subject and publish a series of posts that debate who will be on the Next decade team. Hopefully, you'll appreciate it for what it is: a purely speculative, fun debate. The idea is still in its infant stages, so drop me a line if you'd like to be involved.

Next week should include more typical features like the Morning Cycle, Dance Partners, perhaps a Hockey Orphan entry and the usual weekly fare.

Things are going well here at Cycle like the Sedins, but we're always looking for more great contributors. If you feel like your skills are bigger than just your team related blog or simply want to get in on the fun, drop me a line at No promises that you'll become a regular, but Chris Kontos dropped me a line and now he's kicking ass with routinely superior postings.

Anyway, stay tuned CLS-ers. Should be another fun week of hockey blogging and rebel rousing.

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