Thursday, March 5, 2009

WHHHHHHATTTT? Cycle like the Sedins actually writes a guest post for someone else

My buddies I wouldn't recognize on a city street at Bangin' Panger axed me to add my thoughts to their Winners/Losers/Bamboozlers special.* After smelling how bad my belly button was, it dawned on me that I should "give back." Then I whined a LOT. Then something else. Somehow I ended up writing something in the process.

Here's the two that have gone up so far (we'll throw up one more update link when the third one goes up):

The Winners

The above link includes MANY classy lines from myself and the Bangin' gang, including:

"Beyond wife banging conjecture, the Oilers added a solid, versatile forward who has a year or two left on a very affordable contract and only lost a pending UFA (Erik Cole) who may have had his talent removed after Brooks Orpik wrecked his vertebrate."

The Losers

"Gotta love the fact that the Philadelphia Flyers added yet another immobile defenseman in Kyle McLaren. Was Derian Hatcher getting lonely at the back of every Herbie drill? (Is Derian Hatcher still alive/on the Flyers?)"

* - That's not what it's called. Jesus.

UPDATE: Final thoughts

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