Wednesday, March 11, 2009!

We had some legal difficulties with owning the domain name to this site. And by legal difficulties I mean that I made the mistake of having my brother’s lazy ass buy the domain and he was too busy being unemployed and stuffing his face with french-fry covered corn dogs to do the menial task of redirecting the domain name to this site.

I won’t go into too much detail about what had to transpire between the three parties but suffice it to say that my internet reputation is still safe (at least for now) Jimbo won’t have to fork over 600 dollars and his Xbox and Fat Brother Andy can continue to enjoy shaving years off of his life with near-grotesque levels of cholesterol.

But now, we're happy to announce that is officially own and operated by, err,!

Other names that take you to CLS:

(Don’t ask about the last two.)

So if you’re lazy like us and you don’t like putting the “.BlogSpot.” into the address bar, now you don’t have to!


jamestobrien said...

Wow, that fry hot dog thing is truly disgusting. And I'm a fat human myself.

To review:

All come right back here! Wooooo

Chris Kontos said...

just as long as doesn't lead one to your site. that would be awkward!

all hail the loss of!!!!

jamestobrien said...

I guess a Sedin twin Eiffel tower would be the ultimate "cycle" right?

Oh, and we still are HQ'd at Blogspot but I catch your drift, Chris.