Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hockey Orphan revived: master post

Special thanks to: Earl Sleek for the clutch logo work! Thanks Sleek!

With the glory of the playoffs nearly upon us, it occurred to everyone at Cycle like the Sedins that now would be the perfect time to bring back our Hockey Orphan feature. After all, there will be 14 playoff Hockey Orphans once the smoke clears, so we figured we would help those people - as well as budding hockey fans - decide which teams to follow.

Since our crystal ball is at the repair shop, though, we are going to try to cover the NHL teams with at least some kind of chance at making the playoffs. In this post, we'll have a link to each Hockey Orphan entry for your convenience. It will be bumped up to the top of the page whenever there is a new entry.

The basic premise of Hockey Orphan is: if you were a brand new hockey fan, what would make each team worth following (and, in some cases, not worth following). This hockey blogosphere is full of variety, so expect a lot of fun and interesting takes on this concept. The links to each team's entry is below. We might not get to the obvious non-playoff teams by the end of the season. If a team hasn't been covered yet, then there won't be a link. Enjoy!

Teams that have been covered so far (with a decent shot at the playoffs)

Anaheim (Written by Earl Sleek from Battle of California; date: October '08) (Also, there's my take)

Boston (Written by Evan from Stanley Cup of Chowder; date: January '09) (Also, there's my take)

Buffalo (Written by Anne from Sabretooth's House; date: January '09)

Calgary (Written by Kent from Five Hole Fanatics; date: February '09)

Carolina (Written by Ashley from The Life and Times of a Caniac; date: April '09)

Chicago (Written by Clare from All Hawks Hockey; date: February '09) (Written by CT from Hockee Night; date: March '09)

Columbus (Written by Bethany from Bethany's Rants; date: April '09)

Detroit (Written by IAMJoe; April '09)

Florida (Written by Whale4Ever from Litter Box Cats; date April '09)

Minnesota (Written by Elise from 18,568 Reasons Why; date: April 4 '09)

Montreal (Written by HabsFan29 from Four Habs Fans; date April '09)

Nashville (Written by The Forechecker from On the Forecheck; April '09)

New Jersey (Written by John Fischer from In Lou We Trust; April '09)

New York Rangers (Written by Scotty from Scotty Hockey; April '09)

Philadelphia (Written by FGSB from Flyers Goal Scored By; April '09)

Pittsburgh (Written by Kimberlass from Puck Huffers; April '09)

San Jose (Written by Gray from Couch Tarts on April 2 '09)

St. Louis (Written by Laura from Wazzupwitchu; date: March 31 '09)

Vancouver (Written by Yankee Canuck from Nucks Misconduct; April '09)

Washington (Written by Rob Yurich from Storming the Crease; April '09)

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