Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vancity Canuck talks about Vancouver's upcoming draft

Vancity Canuck is another great friend of the blog. Along with providing the Vancouver perspective quite frequently, they came through in a big way when the Canucks were in the playoffs.

Make sure to follow Vancity Canuck's work regarding Vancouver (and also the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Hockey Bay).

1. What direction do you expect Vancouver to go in with this year's draft? What's your preference?

Since we are picking at 22, I think we should really just pick the best player available at the position. The Canucks do need defensive prospects because our cupboards are looking pretty bare. Luc Bourdon was our best defensive prospect, but now the Canucks have no Top 4 D developing in Winnipeg.

I know, I know, not that Winnipeg team but isn't that logo bad ass?

My preference, would be a defenceman like John Moore, but that's crazy talk for him to drop to 22 right? Damn. More realistically I see the Canucks taking Ryan Ellis or Stefan Elliot if they are still available. Elliot is a BC kid, and unlike the other BC-born boy, with the last name of Ferraro, at least when you draft him, you don't also get his dad.

2. Looking back, discuss some of the highest and lowest draft moments in Canucks history. What are some of the "steals" and groan-inducing moments that Vancouver fans will never forget?

Recently, a high moment of last year's draft was taking Cody Hodgson last year at 10th. More importantly, was the choice not the draft Kyle Beech (have fun with that Chicago). Other than drafting Trevor Linden, the Sedins, and more recently Kesler, the Canucks have not had success in their 'drafting abilities'. Nonis also like to trade away draft picks for players that no longer play for our team. What, you have to build a team through the draft? Nonis must have missed that lesson in GM school.

Kyle Beech-ed whale. G-g-get it?

Recent groan? Who is Patrick White and why didn't we draft David Perron instead of him.

Soapbox time: take this opportunity to discuss the Canucks and/or NHL in general.

Mike Gillis will have an interesting week in front of him. I can't say I envy him at all right now. The Canucks may end up having a similar look for next 5 or 6 years with the Sedins' and their cycling or if they aren't re-signed, the Canucks could look drastically different (cue the Luongo traders if no contract happens). I read today that Vancouver was on Heatley's wish list. Um, thanks but no thanks. And Gaborik in Vancouver? Can you imagine the two Slovaks (Demitra & Gaborik) playing together? Maybe they can chat about being BFF's as they both sit out on the IR together.


Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

I don't know who David White is, but thank you for letting us keep Frenchie.

BTW, just got a Tweet saying that Luongo's been re-signed for a long term contract, terms to released on the 1st. Congrats!

BTW, James, I'm filing a harassment report against Blogger. My word verification was "exual." I don't take kindly to "exual" harassment.

jamestobrien said...

@ Laura: It makes sense that I watched the "Sexual Harassment Panda" episode last night, doesn't it?

I'll be curious to see what the terms of Luongo's contract ends up being.b

Dani said...

I have tried to avoid twitter...but alas last night I finally caved.

Luongo contract? Egads. I can't wait for this week! Eeeee!

I think his contract will look much the same like what he has right now...

jamestobrien said...

@ Vancity. I had the same misgivings, but ultimately it's a nice source of quick news and occasional brilliance.

And barrels full of TMI :)