Thursday, June 4, 2009

Game 4 Gumbo

Some scattered thoughts/links/musings as we await what could be a very interesting Game 4:

1. I read somewhere that Chris Osgood lost some Conn Smythe thunder to Henrik Zetterberg and Johan Franzen. This got me thinking, though: if the Penguins push this series to 6 or 7 games, could Geno Malkin be the logical choice even if Pittsburgh loses? The Red Wings score/win by committee approach hurts individuals and Malkin's point production already ranks him among the most volatile scorers in playoff history.

Seems worthy of consideration, I'd say.

2. This clip has been embedded on numerous hockey blogs already, but it's funny so why not:

3. Note to blogs out there: if you come up with something this clever and it's Miracle on Ice related, you'll probably get linked here. Fantastic stuff from On Frozen Blog.

4. Ray Bug Eatin' Emery to Philadelphia? Am I DREAMING?

5. While I think Jacques Martin did a good job in Ottawa, he obviously continued a long tradition of idiocy in Ratland. Interesting piece from Litter Box Cats on Martin's less-than-sterling system in Florida.

6. Scotty Hockey, one of our favorite bloggers, provided some great coverage that made me want to visit Pittsburgh. Quite a few posts to check out from his trip, particularly his Game 3 thoughts.

(Note: there's a chance I might add to this post or put together one more pre-game/instant analysis post today so keep your eyes peeled kids. Also, I'm going to start getting some really fun stuff together for the draft [hopefully] so business should pick up soon.)

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