Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Litter Box Cats dictates which free agents would be odorous

Pictured: Tomas Vokoun with David Booth (right)

You may know Whale4Ever as the recently crowned blogging Calder trophy winner. While Florida Panthers fans may be bummed that Jay Bouwmeester is on his way out, we asked Litter Box Cats which moves the Panthers should avoid.

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1. Which player, for the love of God, do you NOT want to see in your team's sweater in the 09-10 season?

Marian Gaborik, given his injury history. He'll continue to make waaaay too many bones for the potential return on the investment. Martin Havlat can be lumped in here as well. The Panthers don't need any more "projects" (Nathan Horton? Rusty Olesz?). Gabby was rumored to be coming to Sunrise last fall; fans were thankful it didn't come to pass. He may never miss another minute of action for the rest of his career, but who's got faith in that balsa-wood groin? If you've just got to sign him, it had better be for pennies on the dollars he's used to making.

2. Conversely, pick a potential move by another team that would just crush your soul/favorite team's chances.

Tampa Bay dealing Vinny Lecavalier, thereby re-stocking their cupboard and turning around overnight. We're not in Quebec-trading-Lindros territory, but awfully close. Then again, it's the Lightning. Sadly for their fans, they'll engineer a way - by committee - to screw it up.

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