Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vance from Bangin Panger wants at least one Sedin to cycle in Buffalo

Every contribution is special and snowflake-like, but it always brightens our day when someone takes the time to throw in a Photoshop for good measure. Our buddy Vance did just that.

We have his partner in crime Denson from Bangin Panger providing some Penguins thoughts later today. You can also check out Vance's other Buffalo Sabres-related views at his new Sabres blog, Double Edged Sabres.

1. Which player, for the love of God, do you NOT want to see in your team's sweater in the 09-10 season?

Daniel Sedin, but I want Henrik. But is Henrik Henrik without Daniel? If separating Henrik from Daniel makes Henrik turn into [insert overpaid pivot here] than can Buffalo not only afford (of course they can't) but be willing to cope with such an unmitigated disaster? We've already got our soft LW in Vanek, we don't need Daniel. Oh but Henrik, how I covet thee. If you rode into town on an iconic American Bison, Sabre held high, oh the joy it would bring.

Click to enlarge. No, seriously, you should.

Daniel? Sorry, only one ginger allowed. (Editor's Note: this is generally a good policy.)

2. Conversely, pick a potential move by another team that would just crush your soul/favorite team's chances.

Anybody worth anything signing with the Penguins. Don't you realize you still have to live in Pittsburgh? Sheesh. Pissin' me off.

But in reality, I absolutely hope Bryan Murray gets fleeced by the team that eventually takes Heatley off their hands. Even if Spezza is the Sabre killer, Heatley needs out of our division, for Wyshynksi's book, driving lessons, and 17 dollars.


Joe said...

If you rode into town on an iconic American Bison, Sabre held high, oh the joy it would bring.

As I read this, I instead imagined Sedin on a sabre, bison held high.

jamestobrien said...

Another great Photoshop idea.