Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let's do this

Game 7's are scary. Everything comes down to one game. And within one game, how often do you see things come down to a single play, a single moment, a single bounce? Random variation can often be worked out over a period of several games. Maybe the #30 team can beat the #1 team in a single game. The #30 team probably won't get the same result in a best of seven series. But in that one game, anyone can beat anyone else.

Tonight, Detroit has a chance to beat the Pens and end this series in 6 games. Let's do that, instead of coming back to the Joe for a game 7, where a fluky goal, a bad bounce, a terrible call, or any of a million other things could lead to a series loss for the Wings. Get it done and lets add a new scene to this.


Joe said...

Apparently the read more thing cuts my post off and puts it into the read more portion. What madness have you wrought, James?

Dani said...

Well i guess it will all come down to game 7 now.... Wooooo!

Anaheim Calling said...

I almost threw something at the TV when Emrick wanted to see if Scuderi covered the puck. As though it was a play he hadn't seen Detroit execute in this series. It's as though you can check in with the refs as an eligible goaltender in this series.

Oh, and by the way, Joe, on the Read More... thing. If it's anything like the code I use, you need to use the [scanfullpost] code. Read More... will cut off the post wherever you place that line of code. Obviously, if you start typing after that line of code, it will hide your entire post.

Joe said...

I wasn't going to get too upset by a covered puck, with Zetterberg having helped do it himself, but god damn, Rob Scuderi just killed us. That puck that squirted through MAF's legs and was sitting right there... and Scuderi pops it away. Those saves in the crease at the end of the game... Ugh. Where's Tonya Harding when I need someone's leg broken?

jamestobrien said...

Re: Scuderi pulling a Zetterberg

I highly doubt that the Penguins could have won a game in a more fitting way. Good stuff.