Monday, August 10, 2009

Re-Draft August 10: our favorite players list keeps getting skinnier

6 - 161: Marc Staal stays with the New York Rangers
Cap Hit: $826,667

6 - 162: Kris Letang goes to the Carolina Hurricanes
Cap Hit: $835,000

6 - 163: Joe Pavelski goes to the Minnesota North Stars
Cap Hit: $1,637,500

6 - 164: Anton Volchenkov to the Los Angeles Kings
Cap Hit: $2,500,000

6 - 165: Alexandre Edler to the Detroit Red Wings
Cap Hit: $3,250,000

6 - 166: Alexandre Burrows to the Columbus Blue Jackets
Cap Hit: $2,000,000

(Every single pick made me sad today. Literally. Sigh.)


Joe said...

Kontos, you owe me a #1 center for a bargain price. Seriously, I went all over this with James last night, had my picks all planned out, and I woke up to find you torpedoed me. I'm still bummed out about this.

Joe said...

aw shit

Odin just took Zbynek Michalek! No one else is supposed to know about him!

Chris Kontos said...

I'm in your head Joe... that's how I knew you wanted Pavelski.

I hope you didn't have your heart set on Quincey either.

CLS said...

You're a real bastard, Kontos.