Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A rare foray into fanboyism

Just thought I'd pass along the little questionnaire I did for A View From the Cheap Seats. It's a rare moment in which my Penguins fan roots show loudly and regularly. There's also a joke about foot fetishes and Alex Ovechkin's less-than-stellar back checking tendencies. Enjoy and make sure you read the other questionnaires, even if they're not as awesome. Naturally.


Joe said...

What will Jeremy Roenick’s next career move be?
Replacing Brian Engblom. Please oh please.

Oh please God make it so.

Joe said...

Sakic or Yzerman? Sakic (gasp!)

This is where I tell you that we can't speak anymore.

Eddie Olczyk or Pierre McGuire? Razor Reaugh

This is where you get me back.

Good stuff bro

CLS said...

Thank you sir.