Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cycle Like Sedins NHL re-draft - August 19

Me and James have discussed it, and we both agree that at this point, the best thing to do when picks get messed up by the taking of players that have already been taken, is to let the draft keep going. Tools have been provided and updated on a semi-regular basis that should make it easy to follow who has been picked. Beyond that, its not unreasonable to ask that you check the last several picks before your own, if the draft boards or spreadsheets have not been updated yet.

With that in mind, we've decided that the new policy for an invalid pick shall be that the team making the invalid pick will be notified that their pick is invalid, but in the meantime, picks will continue in the order as if the original pick was made correctly. The team who has made the original invalid pick can jump in at any time to make a valid pick, but we're not going to pause the draft to let them fix it, and the players taken in the interrim, between the invalid pick and the corrected pick will not be available to the team that made the invalid pick. Basically, if you follow the NFL, its the same process the NFL uses in the draft when the Minnesota Vikings screw up and don't make their pick on time. Here's an example:

Team A picks player 1
Team B picks player 2
Team C picks player 1 (the invalid pick)
Team D picks player 3
Team E picks player 4
Team C picks player 5 (corrected pick, players 3 and 4 are unavailable, as they've already been taken)

So what can you use to keep from making an invalid pick? You can go to any of these and try using CTRL + F to search for the player's name. It'd be a good idea to check how up to date it is too, to see how far back you might need to check the actual picks thread as well.

The Big Draft Board here on the CLS Message Board

Double Edged Sabres' Draft Board

Alternatively, you can catch Cassie via email and she can shoot you the spreadsheet that she is keeping.

Why are we doing this? Because there is no reason for the draft to be held up when people are given multiple sources of information for tracking players taken through this draft. I understand we're all doing this for fun, but it only takes a minute to do a couple quick CTRL + F's to keep things running smoothly. On the organizational end of this, James, and to a lesser extent, myself and several others, are doing what is needed to make this go smoothly. The other part of making this go smoothly is on your end, and we'd like everyone to make sure they're holding up that end of the deal.

With that business out of the way, here's today's picks:

9-5 (#245) - Adam Burish to the Chicago Blackhawks
Cap hit: 0.713M

9-6 (#246) - Rich Peverley to the New York Islanders
Cap hit: 0.488M

9-7 (#247) - Bryan McCabe to the Philadelphia Flyers
Cap hit: 5.750M

9-8 (#248) - Kim Johnsson to the Colorado Avalanche
Cap hit: 4.850M

9-9 (#249) - Vaclav Prospal to the Nashville Predators
Cap hit: 1.100M

9-10 (#250) - Tomas Holmstrom to the Atlanta Thrashers
Cap hit: 2.250M

9-11 (#251) - Martin Erat to the St. Louis Blues
Cap hit: 4.500M


Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

Oh, good. Atlanta now has a steady goalie... Thomas Holmstrom's butt. ;)

CLS said...

I say this in the most heterosexual way possible: Matt stole Holmstrom's butt from me :(

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