Friday, August 7, 2009

Cycle Like Sedins NHL re-draft - August 07

5-7 (#127) - Patrick Berglund to the Philadelphia Flyers
Cap hit: 1.247M/yr

5-8 (#128) - Kris Versteeg to the Philadelphia Flyers
Cap hit: 3.067M/yr

5-9 (#129) - Jamie Langenbrunner to the Nashville Predators
Cap hit: 2.800M/yr

5-10 (#130) - Milan Lucic to the Atlanta Thrashers
Cap hit: 0.850M/yr

5-11 (#131) - Slava Kozlov to the St. Louis Blues
Cap hit: 3.667M/yr

5-12 (#132) - Mike Commodore to the Phoenix Coyotes
Cap hit: 3.750M/yr

5-13 (#133) - Alex Tanguay to the Pittsburgh Penguins
Cap hit: (no one knows!)

5-14 (#134) - Mike Knuble to the Washington Capitals
Cap hit: 2.800M/yr

5-15 (#135) - Zach Bogosian to the Columbus Blue Jackets
Cap hit: 3.375M/yr

5-16 (#136) - Brian Campbell to the Nashville Predators
Cap hit: 7.143M/yr

5-17 (#137) - Drew Doughty to the Los Angeles Kings
Cap hit: 3.475M/yr

5-18 (#138) - Marc-Edouard Vlasic to the Minnesota North Stars
Cap hit: 3.100M/yr

5-19 (#139) - Erik Cole to the Carolina Hurricanes
Cap hit: 2.900M/yr

5-20 (#140) - Jason Arnott to the New York Rangers
Cap Hit: $4,500,000

5-21 (#141) - Milan Michalek to the New Jersey Devils
Cap Hit: $4,333,333

5-22 (#142) - Teemu Selanne to the Toronto Maple Leafs
Cap Hit: $2,625,000


RudyKelly said...


CLS said...

Can't believe I told Kontos it was a good idea to draft Vlasic. NOW I'm taking the high road? Sheesh.

Meaghan said...

Is anyone else a bit shocked that Lucic lasted so long?

Joe said...

@Meaghan - He was a 40 point guy last year. I have a hard time seeing how he should've gone this early. We're in round 5, meaning that you should at most be starting to work on your second line of forwards. Is Lucic a 1st line guy? No. Is he a 2nd line guy? Probably not.

I'd love to have him on a 3rd or 4th line, but that should project to somewhere around your 11-12 pick. Not that high, with so many other quality players still on the board.

@RK - You still have that stupid dog as your pic?

raventalon40 said...


Lucic was the NEXT guy on my list.

He's a beast. Good job Atlanta.

CLS said...

@ Joe: I MOSTLY agree with you, although I think that Lucic's size and ability combo could make him an acceptable second liner in some situations.

But yeah, I think that Lucic's gotten a little bump because he's such an icon in Boston.

Chris Kontos said...

James, definitely some tampering allegations going on with our IM conversation!

Tom said...

In reality Lucic plays on the first line with Savard and Kessel. It's a perfectly balanced trio, but I guess fantasy hockey can't really account for those intangibles.