Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Martin Brodeur should pass the Olympic torch in 2010

When Martin Brodeur passed Patrick Roy for the all-time record in goaltending wins, the NHL Network began running a gushing special feature about Brodeur's illustrious career. One of the special's primary focuses was Roy's refusal to share goaltending starts with Brodeur in '98, a frustrating experience for the then-budding superstar.

Canada fell short of a gold medal that year, but then came back in 2002 to take the top prize with Brodeur in net. Yet, in 2006, Team Canada was unable to even threaten for a medal.

Now, obviously, Brodeur wasn't the #1 problem for a team that couldn't score to save its life.

Still, it makes you wonder if Canada - the only country with enough elite goalies that they will inevitably be forced to leave potential Hall of Famers behind - would benefit more from starting a guy who's never been given the opportunity to win a gold medal.

Besides, Brodeur's unreal workhorse streak is now in danger of becoming a thing of the past after his bicep injury last season. Does he need to risk one of his final prime years for a second gold medal? No, not in my opinion.

If I were Steve Yzerman, I would go with Roberto Luongo. Imagine the kind of backing Bobby Lou would receive, not only representing Canada but also the hometown Vancouver Canucks? It's almost a cosmic occurrence. (Of course, it would be an unreal amount of pressure, but this is what he's always wanted ... right?)

Luongo's gone all these years playing for terrible teams in Long Island and Florida plus a good-but-not-elite club in Vancouver. This could be his chance to cement his legacy as one of the truly great goalies of his generation.

He's younger, in his prime and hungrier than Brodeur.*

Even if Luongo is unavailable, Syrupland would have oh-so-many great options. They could go with the money goaltending of J.S. Giguere. Get a puck mover like Marty Turco. Maybe go with a young phenom such as Steve Mason, Cam Ward or even Marc Andre Fleury. Just about every other nation would kill for guys who won't even be reserves for Canada.

Then again, if the Canadians decide to make the same lazy types of decisions that they made in 2002, that would be absolutely fine with me. My country needs all the help it can get.

* - Go ahead, make a token fat joke. Shame on you.


Joe said...

the only country with enough elite goalies that they will inevitably be forced to leave borderline Hall of Famers behind


who are these borderline HHOF Canadian goalies that aren't going to make the roster? If you say MAF or Ward, I'm going to punch you. Near as I can tell, the only 2 Canadian goalies with HHOF credentials (or with serious chances at them right now) are the two who are going to fight to start.

I'm guessing you're referring to Turco and Giguere. Turco is good, but not that good, and while I have huge respect for Giguere, he's got a bit more to prove before he gets HHOF consideration. Losing your job is not something that should happen to a HHOF goalie in his prime.

CLS said...

I guess it would have been better to say "potential" Hall of Famers. I'll change it up.

Joe said...

You should start the Osgood for the Olympics bandwagon.

CLS said...

Well, if anyone's comfortable playing behind a world class team it's Osgood ...