Friday, October 2, 2009

Set It Up!

The NHL is back... and not a moment too soon. And that means my favorite show in the world is back on tv... NHL on the FLY!

For those who don't know, NHL on the FLY is the nightly highlight show on the NHL Network. But it's highlights done right... they show each game with a 2 minute highlight package that doesn't just feature goals and fights... but also great saves, end to end rushes that don't necessarily end in goals, and impressive defensive plays. And there is no annoying host copy with ridiculous catchphrases. Basically, it's the anti-Sportscenter. (The ESPN version of Sportscenter for our Canadian readers)

What I'm saying is that you'd never see this on NHL on the FLY.

James has expressed his feelings about this great show before. So when I sat down to watch NHL on the FLY last night... I noticed their once "broom closet" set had a makeover.

And it happens to look vaguely familiar...

I mean... did they use the same set designer? Look at the pointed end table and even the 2 stripes across the front of the set. Or could it be that Hockey Central and NHL on the FLY are actually the exact same set... just with a color change? Is NHL on the FLY Bruce Wayne and Hockey Central Batman? Either way... I don't care. Hockey is back and I can spend my nights watching highlights over and over and over and over again.


Joe said...

Whoa, I hadn't caught that similarity. Good eye, Kontos.

(Who the hell needs James anyways? We should just take this thing over, m i rite?)

Chris Kontos said...


CLS said...

I'm actually for any revolution that involves me doing nothing.

Unknown said...

you know, I used to watch the ESPN a lot, mostly every weekend, but now that I found this site:, I do not watch ESPN so much