Monday, October 19, 2009

Like an internship, without the prestige but with gingers!

OK, there might not be gingers but the blog is named after a pair of twin-gers. That must count for something ...

ANYWAY, that was a horrific start to the post. Let's re-group.

There may be some bloggers/bloggers-in-waiting/hockey fans out there who are looking for a venue to promote their blogs. Maybe you are passionate about the blogosphere but honestly don't think you can generate enough content to run a blog by yourself. Perhaps you've never tried it before but want to see what it's like - while getting (marginally) more eyeballs than you normally would if you simply started your own without much fanfare. Then again, you might be running a mid-level blog of great promise but little results; after all, the hockey blogosphere is a colorful jungle of exotic animals and talented writers. Sometimes it's difficult to stand out.

Better yet, you might just want to become a contributor to CLS.

Whatever your motivation might be, CLS is looking for people to contribute to an upcoming daily feature we're planning to begin next week. Our goal is to find two "editors" per division to provide a once-per-week "Around the [blank] Division" links collection. Unlike great blogs such as Puck Daddy and Kuklas Korner, we're not hoping to cover all of the major news events of the week but instead the kind of posts that make you laugh or slip through the cracks.

Currently, we're looking for:

2 contributors for the Atlantic division
a contributor for the Southeast division
a contributor for the Central division
a contributor for the Northwest division
a contributor for the Northeast division

Again, the emphasis will be to find feature-heavy/not quite so time sensitive/funny/number crunching posts that go beyond simple news headlines. It's also a great opportunity to talk about what's going on in your blog, if you have one.

The point of having two contributors will be to rotate (or split) the duty so it would only be a twice-per-month proposition.

For more information and/or to "apply" for a position, send me an e-mail at: Don't be shy, but do tell me if you have writing/blogging/modeling experience.

Note: feel free to send "tips"/to beg for links in this feature too. If your stuff blows, you're still out of luck but it never hurts to try, right?


Joe said...

this should be tagged with "its easy to hate james o'brien" too.

CLS said...

*Shakes fist*

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