Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sacrificing the Body

The mini-blogs have gone quite nicely this post-season and the Anaheim-Detroit blog between Anaheim Calling and Joe might have been the best (not to take anything away from the sterling work of Vancity Canuck, Cornelius and Rob).

Once known as IAMJoe on the BoC (and other blog comment threads), Joe's decided to branch out and start his own NHL-centric blog. He also came up with a fantastic name for the blog: Sacrifice the Body. No word on whether the title will leave Satanists disappointed :)

ANYWAY, we're sad to see Joe go (and the other great bloggers whose teams were eliminated) but we look forward to following all his stuff at StB (look at that, you've already been acronym-ized). Make sure you do the same, good readers.

Congrats Joe! Let us know if you have any questions and e-mail us when you have something particularly noteworthy on your blog. That also goes for all our contributors, as well as any other bloggers lurking out there.


Joe said...

Oh I'll still be stickin around here, as long as you'll have me.

I'm very much looking forward to doing finals commentary against you and your dirty penguins.

Malkin looks like an ogre. I heard he was Shrek's stunt double.

jamestobrien said...

Hahaha, well, I'm definitely NOT counting any chickens against Boston/Carolina. Especially since MAF's puckhandling has regressed so badly that I may start calling him "Bizarro Hextall" instead of Gary Busey.

But, naturally, you're welcome to stay around. I'm currently debating whether or not the mini-blog thing is necessary with only two series/four teams going. We'll see.

Finally, Johan Franzen is a queef.

jamestobrien said...

Note: if I ended mini-blogs I'd still want to have contributors we just might keep it on the main site. Whatever, I haven't decided yet anyway. Thoughts, anyone?

Joe said...

I'm down for whatever. It probably wouldn't hurt, but it might become an issue for posts getting buried a lot. All depends how active it is, I guess. I think it'd be ok for the most part, unless you're pretty active on the random posts too, like the one the other day about the Sedins. Up to you man, its your house.

Goalies that can't handle the puck crack me up. It's not that hard, and more than that, its not something you need to do. If you can't do it well, then stay in your net and don't do it.

Does Bizzaro Hextall have an interview where we get to see an incredible amount of pubic hair? I don't think I'll ever unsee that Youtube.

And you're just mad that Franzen keeps coming out on top every time Versus mentions who has the most playoff goals over the last two years.

jamestobrien said...

Yeah, we'll see. Oddly enough I haven't really found a Penguins contributor (and I'm INSANE about jinxing things ... seriously, it's at a disorder level so I'm only really a "half-contributor.") and need a steady Chicago blogger too. If we get heavy posters for all four teams then the mini-blogs make the most sense.

I only hate Franzen because he's scary good. And goofy looking. And will make Chris Kunitz type money for the rest of his days in Detroit. That's just unfair.