Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Final Countdown

Not much to say about Game 7 of Penguins-Capitals that hasn't been said yet. I'll (unfortunately) be watching the game on a two to three hour delay so obviously there's no sense starting a liveblog tradition tonight. Here's a big collection of links about the game that will start in less than an hour (and stop many hearts).


Joe said...

I think I'm the only one who doesn't "get" the Pensblog. Everytime I try a link to it, its like incomplete sentences, a lot of black, and lots of random pictures that don't always seem to make sense. I just can't read it. Maybe its over my head, as a dirty Wings fan, but I just don't get it. But apparently everyone else on the intarwebz loves it.

Joe said...

Also, I think I am gonna try making my own blog. The more I write, the more ideas I have and want to research and write about.

Did you know: Every single good name for a blog has already been taken? Friggin ridiculous. Every blog that has a good name too hasn't been updated in like 2+ years either.

Dani said...

You may very well be the only one. Some of The Pensblogs posts are EPIC.

Once you start blogging Joe, it rob you of your time. Ugh, I wish I didn't enjoy writing about hockey, maybe I would be more productive in my day to day life. If only someone had told me not to start writing about TWO teams. But I think you should DO IT! (a la Pensblog)

jamestobrien said...

At first I was asking the same questions you were, Joe, but Pensblog just has everything: great YouTube selections, fantastic Photoshops and one-liners. Of course, the Penguins are my team, so maybe it adds an extra appeal for me.

Now, naturally, Joe you're welcome to stay aboard if the Red Wings advance. But going forward I highly encourage you to start your own blog. You've done an AWESOME job.

(Also, I know how you feel on figuring out a blog title. Cycle like the Sedins is a play on Bend it like Beckham, but I still don't really know how it "happened." People still think this blog is a Canucks blog ... and that's fine.)

Joe said...


Sacrifice the Body shall by my blog. Got the idea tonight in the shower after hockey, as I was looking at the bruise on my arm getting uglier. Actually, this bruise isn't from blocking a shot, but actually from a dude's helmet, where I decked him. Good times tonight.

It won't be a Red Wings blog though. Maybe Wings-centric, but I find the NHL in general far more interesting.

Look what you've done to me, James!

Vance said...


I do believe there's a silent majority that doesn't get it. Or at least think they're asshats.

My entire site was built around showing that it isn't hard to be funny on the internet.

jamestobrien said...

Wow, Joe. That is a fucking fantastic name. Well done, sir.

Feel free to ask me any questions whenever you feel the need.

Oh, and try to register everything ASAP so you don't find some cybersquatter sitting on your dotcom.

Joe said...

And there it is