Thursday, November 5, 2009

Links! Links! Thursday NW Division Link Time

Thanks to James for giving me the keys to CLS, I'm pretty sure he's gonna regret it. My name is Vancity Canuck, and you may know me from previous CLS writings or my other blog tHB. I'm gonna start off small here with a little tour around the Northwest division. I didn't realize that signing up to find some stories about the NW Division would actually require me to read about other teams besides the Canucks.

Let's start our tour, shall we?

The KB has compiled a list of
Getting to Know Your Backup Goalies. If you haven't ever read the Kurtenblog before, well let me introduce the j-ckasses that are paid to write about sports and chat on messenger by the MSM. In this week's list they introduce the Swedish backup, who learns that "The biggest difference in the NHL is how all the players can skate forwards and backwards."

Jibblescribbits has also complied a list! Their is about
Why the Flames received their Flu shots. As a Canadian, Albertans seem like they would be the type to do anything for Kevin Sorbo's Nerdy Little Brother, Jay Bouwmeester.

Hitting the Post did not have a list. Disappointing. But they did address the question: is their team the
Least Intriguing team in the NHL? So what about this Wild team is interesting, right now? Their answer: nothing. Nada. Nathan. Nil. Bopkus. At least we're all on the same page.

Low on Oil looks at being an
Oilers fan and compares it to Myth Busters, exes and Mac Ads.

And if you want to read the latest issue of Tigerbeat, or Teen Beat or whatever they have Lipgloss/Tswizzle's face all over, I put together a collection of underage, androgynous faces of popstars and teen actors attending recent hockey games, so I ask the question
is the NHL celebrity trendy these days? Maybe I should have asked the question: why are these people famous?

Do you think that you've written something worthy of next week's list? Are you a reader of a smaller blog and feel it deserves some attention? Drop me an e-mail at thevancitycanuck [at] and maybe you'll end up in the next NW Links around the League, I promise to be relatively nice.


CLS said...

Good stuff, VC! No regrets (well, about allowing you to take part in CLS at least...)

Jibblescribbits said...

A quick nit pick: Jibblescribbits is a "he" not a "they"... but otherwise thanks for the link

CLS said...

Finally, the mystery of the great Jibblescribbits' gender is revealed!

Dani said...

I've tried to be careful with assuming genders... but in the future, you will be a HE.

Dani said...

By the didn't have any regrets after we...oh...wait...I'll stop there.

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Unknown said...

if I would be James, I would not regret it at all, and I think I have read one of your previous writings or your name on the host pph blog