Friday, December 26, 2008


  • The World Junior Championships start today. In fact, NHL Network is covering today's USA vs. Germany game as this is being written. Apparently, the most notable prospects for the 'Mericans are Colin Wilson and a guy who owns a last name I'm currently too lazy to research.

A little pissed off from going through the old resetting password run-around. Is there anything more aggravating than realizing you can't remember your damn password? Well, besides a dinner party with Roseanne and Fran Drescher.

  • Saw the semi-obscure French Canadian movie about Maurice Richard called (not-shockingly) "The Rocket" last week.

It was nice to gain some insight into Richard's career. The man playing Richard successfully captured The Rocket's delightful bug-eyed expression, which must've been a huge part of the casting process.

The hockey scenes were solid, but the movie dragged a bit at times. Still, it was fun to spot the occasional NHLer in the film, from Ugly Mike Ricci to douche of the year Sean Avery (who appropriately played a total douche).

Based on its film merit, "The Rocket" would probably only be a 6/10 but for hockey nerds I'd bump it up to 7/10.

  • So, the Vancouver Canucks got a nice digi-upgrade with Mats Sundin. But the real upgrade comes for the San Jose Sharks. The upgrade for Devin Setoguchi makes the Sharks ludicrously good.

OK, that's all for now. I'm still kind of smoldering over the Great Password Hunt.

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