Thursday, December 18, 2008

The digi-impact of Mats Sundin

When the Mats Sundin saga finally came to an end with the announcement that he would join the Sedins, Sami Salo and Mattias Ohlund in Vancouver, most people were thinking of his real life impact. Will the 'Nucks go top-heavy with a three 'dins line? Will they spread the wealth by putting Sundin with some of their hard working, offensively-challenged wingers?

But after just a few moments, I wondered: will the addition of Sundin make for a new digi-power in NHL '08? The Sedin twins, Sundin, Demitra, Kesler and Wellwood is actually make a halfway decent group of forwards. At least when you consider the fact that Luongo's alongside Brodeur as the best goalie in the game.

Here's a completely biased list of the best teams in NHL '08. Where do the Canucks fit in?

Detroit Red Wings

Would be totally unfair if it weren't for that flopping sonofawhore Osgood. Stacked with stars, depth and straight killahs in the faceoff circle.

San Jose Sharks

Hate to admit it but they're kinda cheap too. Two stars, some very solid depth guys, interchangeable D and an elite goalie. DAMN, Gina. Damn. Gina.

Montreal Canadiens

The Canadiens seem like a team for NHL 09 connoisseurs. They don't have one outrageously good forward, D or goalie and the lack of top scorer does hurt them sometimes. But their real life breakneck style translates well into the digi-arena.

Anaheim Ducks

Not my first choice, but they've got some good forwards, two ridiculous D and an elite goalie. They were once the ultimate cheese team but they're not so bad now.

New Jersey Devils

The Devils are the ultimate video game team. Let that sentence soak in for a moment.

They've got a bizillion solid forwards: Elias, Parise, Madden, Rolston and Holik (really). The D's better than last year and Brodeur's still a beast.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Even though they're my boys, the Pens aren't my team. They are just AWFUL at faceoffs and I can't seem to ever get their lines right.


So, those are the best teams in the game IMO. Which teams do you like to use? Is it best to use your favorite team, the best team overall or to take the high road and use a more workmanlike digi-group?


Unknown said...

I hate to say it (being a die-hard Sharks fan), but the Rangers are sort of my digi-team. Lundqvist always shuts the door, and while I can't score as much as last year (Jagr was a goddamn machine), Gomez & Co. can get me by.

(This is Mr. Plank by the way- I'm too lazy to log out of my other gmail account).

brokeyard said...

Did you mean NHL '09 or was this actually using 08?