Friday, October 17, 2008

Two major blows to the hockey blogosphere

Writing about hockey - even if it's currently "not for a living" - is one of the truest joys of my existence. Hockey blogs keep growing and growing, but it's obvious that a lot of hockey people are as unfamiliar with blogging as Americans were confused about this bizarre Internet thing in the early '90s.

As the season barely takes off its training wheels, the hockey blogosphere already lost Jes Golbez (one of the true founding fathers) and Dave from Covered in Oil (the blog that made me realize "my voice" might be appreciated, even if they are way way WAY funnier than I can hope to be).

This is a huge bummer, but I understand why they decided to move on. Still, these are two big losses and let's hope this trend does not continue.


Stevens8204 said...

I agree...Jes was not as much of a surprise but Dave from "Covered" was. I admit I did not see this one coming. These were two of the influences that got me back into blogging even though I am now on the West Coast. They will be missed sorely.

jamestobrien said...

Yeah, Dave seems like a really solid guy. What the Oilers did was baffling and awful. What he said definitely did ring true: people are taking sports more and more seriously, and it's not always a positive thing.

Then again, I take sports too seriously so maybe I'm part of the problem.