Monday, September 14, 2009

Roll your eyes: It's my fantasy team(s)!

No one cares about other people's fantasy hockey teams, but since I'm writing up these fantasy hockey guides I figure it makes sense to air my dirty drafting laundry.

For the record, I plan on having three fantasy hockey teams. To some that is excessive, but drafting is fun. So we'll see if I can limit myself to three. (Sad, I know.)

Team 1: ESPN league

Skater Categories: G, A, PPG, +/-, SOG, PIM, Average Time on Ice
Goalie Categories: W, SV% and GAA

Goalie importance: 30% of stat categories, so not excessive
Defense importance: 5 D spots, ATOI make defense slightly more important than usual
Winger vs. C importance: Not that much since it uses "F" instead of C,LW,RW ... unfortunately I didn't realize that was the case (d'oh!)

Scattered Thoughts: Being used to Yahoo!, the ESPN draft format felt a little clunky to me. I think it's easier to navigate Yahoo's system and set real-time lists of people you can keep an eye on (making it simpler to keep track of your sleepers). It also kind of bugged me that ESPN's stat categories seemed less flexible. (no FW, no extra points category, PPG instead of PPP? Hmph.)

That's not to say ESPN's format is terrible, I simply prefer Yahoo at this point.

ANYWAY, here's my team. I picked #6 in a 10-team draft, so that means I was in basically the same general middle area each round.

1. Zach Parise
2. Dany Heatley
3. Mike Richards (panic pick ... was devestated that Ilya Kovalchuk almost made it back to me in the third. Fuck!)
4. Henrik Lundqvist
5. Alex Semin
6. Mark Streit
7. Duncan "Yo Yo" Keith
8. Daniel Alfredsson
9. Teemu Selanne
10. Shane Doan
11. Niklas Kronwall
12. Daniel Briere
13. Marty Turco
14. Ales Hemsky
15. Brian Rolston
16. Steve Ott
17. Alex Frolov
18. J-S Giguere
19. Shane O'Brien
20. Brad Richards
21. Ilya Bryzgalov
22. M.E. Vlasic

Feelings about my team: For some reason, I always pick poorly in the first round. Maybe it's a panic situation or maybe I'm better at finding value later in a draft.

I don't think Parise's the fourth best player in the league, but he just seems to do a lot well. He takes a shit load of shots (3rd in the NHL last year), scores a lot of goals and should maintain a nice plus/minus. The real jewel, I'd say, is Dany Heatley. Although it was a toss-up between Heater and Kovalchuk and I wonder if the combination of negative public sentiment and low ESPN ranking might have allowed me to grab Heatley in the third round if I instead would have nabbed Kovie.

Meh, either way, I was pondering Heatley in the first round so it's still a nice move.

Vlasic was a great last pick in my opinion, since he might get some of the PP time vacating San Jose since Ehr-head is gone. There are certain situational picks (Briere, Frolov, Hemsky, Brad RICHards, Kronwall and Doan) where it almost appeared as if I had no choice but to select them.

Pretty happy with my goaltending overall, because Lundqvist is steady and I expect Marty Turco to have a respectable bounce back year. Giguere is the wild card both in fantasy hockey and ... the other fantasy hockey league so my hope is that Sleek's impressions are just of a guy having a bad day a few weeks before any of this matters, not clarification that there is a fork sticking out of Giggy's back.

While I was unable to get champion PIM man/general knucklehead Daniel Carcillo, it's my hope that Steve Ott and Shane "No Relation" O'Brien can make my fake team competitive in affecting their real-life teams negatively.*

* - I kind of like PIM as a fantasy hockey stat, but it IS fucked up to root for a guy to make a dumb mistake. Then again, someone has to root for Todd Bertuzzi, right?

Anyway, I feel like my team will win by quantity over quality. By goals, PPG, +/- perhaps, SOG and being reasonably competitive in the other categories from week-to-week.

Thoughts? Think I'm a fraud? (Don't worry, this won't be on the front page very long ...)


Chris Kontos said...

I am so paranoid that I am not going to be playing in a fantasy league with you this season... I know I'm not on Twitter or Facebook but don't forget about me!

Nice team but 10 teams doesn't feel like enough for me. Your 4th line is going to be as good as any real teams 1st line (well maybe just the Kings 1st) I like being in leagues with a bunch of teams so you really have to find those 3rd and 4th line gems. And you'll always be able to trade one of those goalies as the season goes on to someone who needs a goalie bad.

Also, I'm all for PIM as a fantasy stat.

CLS said...

Don't fret, Kontos, we'll be in a fantasy league together.

Not sure about it being much bigger than 10 though. Can we find enough people who know hockey and won't just quit if their team ends up being shitty?

Besides, aren't you a little tired of drafting (real life) third liners in the Re-Draft?


CLS said...

(For the record, I'm not saying you - in particular - draft a lot of third liners. We're all doing that, at best.)

Sarah said...

From what I've been reading, you might be on to something with your pick of my B-Rad. First time Richards has been healthy in 2+ years. And he's motivated and hungry. And has a coach that may actually know what to do with him.

I'm so super stoked about this coming season it is not even funny.

Chris Kontos said...

I don't know about your team, but I'm excited about my 3rd line of Joel Ward, Andy McDonald and Lee Stempniak.

It just sucks in a small team league when there are plenty of great players still available as free agents. But having teams stay in it all season is a must.

Awesome... as a Kings fan... I'm SOOO excited that Brad Richards is going to get his shit together this season.

CLS said...

Oh, I like all the guys I've gotten but picking between Milan Hejduk and Alex Frolov is a bit sexier than cursing the masses that Ian Lappy and Travis Moen didn't make it back to me in the 500's of a 30-team full-team draft.

It's kind of refreshing to have star studded teams. Maybe 12 picks??