Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coming Soon ...

... The 2009-10 season. Rut roh.

A look at the next couple weeks ahead (perhaps ... at least I hope so):

  • If things work out well, I should have a daily feature (but that might be a big if to get everyone coordinated) that will (hopefully) bring a fresh-ish take on "link dumps"/headline type posts. Hopefully.

  • I'm going to finish up my season previews ("Gut Reactions") although I'm going to change the format from team-by-team to division-by-division. This may be the only thing I can truly guarantee.

  • Finally, I hope to involve the team bloggers in a spirited but brief little feature to preview the NHL season in true CLS fashion.

Not sure if all three of the above plans will come to fruition, but it never hurts to try. Stay tuned kiddos.

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